Healing Moves electronic flyer

This class is based on my Movement Medicine training, therapeutic work and background as a Dance Teacher. I am offering a movement based process, that has worked for me in terms of my own healing and integration. 

Please note: In 2020 dates are moving from the first to the third Sunday of the month (and the second Sunday in June).


16th Feb

As the sky is getting brighter and opening again, so is our horizon. The element of air helps us to detach from our emotions and thoughts, and see the broader perspective of our lives.  It awakens us to the many potentials and possible evolution of ourselves and the world we live in.

The dance floor will be open for us to give space to our breath and with that to new versions and dances of ourselves. As always, you are invited to bring yourselves just as you are and to follow your dance wherever it takes you.


15th March

19th April

17th May

14th June


Please arrive from 6.30pm, so we can start together at 6.45pm. Bring a blanket/something to rest on and water to drink. Wear comfortable clothes, best in layers and be barefoot on the dancefloor, if you can. 

If you have got any questions or would like to come, please let me know here.

Initially this will be an open class with the option to make it a closed group, if there is a desire to go deeper. Please feel free to share your ideas with me.