Healing Moves electronic flyer

This class is based on my Movement Medicine training, therapeutic work and background as a Dance Teacher. I am offering a movement based process, that has worked for me in terms of my own healing and integration. 

19th April

As we are moving from the dark half of the year to the light half of the year at the spring equinox, the fire of April gives us the drive and energy to ignite what we want to bring into existence.

Due to the extraordinary circumstances we are finding ourselves in, I am inviting you to join me from home for this month’s class. I have made a playlist and an altar, which holds the energy of this spring fire – the light we receive through our sun.

As always, you are invited to bring yourself just as you are and if you wish, to call upon this fire of initiation, protection, courage, will-power and great joy.

If you would like to share your experience with the group, and are happy to share your email address, please let me know. Also, please let me know if you want me to send you the playlist and picture of the altar. Unfortunately I am not able to upload it on my website at the moment.

I will hold the class at the scheduled time, 6.45pm on Sun, 19th April. I will start with a short ‘settling in time’ and meditation – opening the space for all of you to join. Please feel free to join me and use the picture of the altar if wish. I will put the music on at 7pm and invite you to start dancing with me then. There will be two waves – one to awaken the dancer inside you and the second one to connect with the element of fire. If you wish to share your experience, write it either as an email to the group or to myself or share it with someone close to you.

If you can’t make it on the day, or want to do it again, feel free to dance with us at any time.


10th May


14th June


Please arrive from 6.30pm, so we can start together at 6.45pm. Bring a blanket/something to rest on and water to drink. Wear comfortable clothes, best in layers and be barefoot on the dancefloor, if you can. 

If you would like to come and are new to the class, please contact me here, so we can have a brief conversation before the class.

Initially this will be an open class with the option to make it a closed group, if there is a desire to go deeper. Please feel free to share your ideas with me.