Healing Moves electronic flyer

This class is based on my Movement Medicine training, therapeutic work and background as a Dance Teacher. I am offering a movement based process, that has worked for me in terms of my own healing and integration. 

I am currently running these as distance classes. If you would like to join, please contact me. I will send you the music download and picture of the altar, so you can dance at home (either with me at 7.15pm or at a time that suits you). I offer an optional group zoom space before the dance at 6.30pm, where I share the practice of the month and you have the opportunity to share what you are dancing with.


This month's class is taking place on Mon, 11th January and here is my invitation for you: 

As the light of the sun is ‘reborn’ at the winter solstice, we have the opportunity to reset and realign ourselves to the centre point of all creation. Thus, this is the most powerful time of the year to set an intention, and consciously plant the seed of what we want to grow. The earth of winter teaches us about authenticity, manifestation and the steps we need to take in order to grow.

In preparation for this month’s class I invite you to think about what you want to manifest this year, in your personal life and for the collective. In your dance practice, I invite you to consciously plant your seed as you connect to the earth and to empower it to grow into its full potential, with your dance of authenticity, alignment and conscious presence. As always, I will be sharing a practice that has been helping me to do this.

If you would like to join this month’s class, please let me know by Sunday, 10th January and I will send you the music, pictures of the altar and guidance to connect with the element. If you would like to join, but can’t make it on Monday, rest in the knowing that the dance space will hold you whenever you dance, as it is held by the music and altar. 

I will be holding a ‘pre-dance zoom space’ before the class on Monday, with a led mind-body meditation to settle into our bodies, connect with the element and the opportunity to share what we find. If you would like to join, please click the zoom link at 6.30pm. 

If you would like to dance at the same time as me, start the music at 7.15pm. 


2021 class dates:


Mon, 8th Feb
Mon, 8th Mar