What have the planets got to do with me?

Just a few hundred years ago before mind and body got split in western culture we perceived the world as an interconnected organism. In recent years this interconnection has been ‘re-discovered’ in modern sciences, such as Depths Psychology, Epi-genenics and Quantum Physics.  Brian Cox – Everything is connected to everything We are slowly realising that the solar system was formed out of one original substance, gradually becoming differentiated and defined as the planets, asteroids and comets we know today. As we have evolved over time from that same primordial substance we are subject to the same rhythms and laws that govern the movements and cycles of our solar system. All ancient cultures lived/live in harmony with these cycles, honouring the fact that we humans are part of something much larger through rituals, ceremonies, myths, symbols etc.

Working with psychological astrology and dance therapy in one of the most beautiful spots in Devon, I often ponder how the qualities of the planets are reflected in our bodies, our psyches and the land we live on.

Underlying our ever growing need to consume is a deep hole arising from the disconnection from our inner roots. All there seems to be is an eternal darkness of immeasurable magnitude. Naturally our conscious ego is trying it’s best to spare us the pain of facing this abyss, yet at the moment more and more of us are being pushed over the edge into it. Why? Because it is time. There is nothing we can do about it. The only way forward is to jump into the unknown and let go of everything we think we are and our life is about. Of course, this is extremely frightening for most of us. So there is a part that’s holding on, trying to nail the floorboards down with great tenacity and willpower. But it won’t help. The floorboards are made of old structures and will have to go, so a new ground for us to stand on can grow in its place. If this sounds familiar to you be reassured you are not the only one experiencing this.

It’s a collective phenomenon affecting all life on earth. This is why we see financial, economical and political systems collapsing. At the same time there is a rising awareness that we are destroying the planet that’s our home. In astrological terms it is a reflection of Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn squaring each other in the heavens coinciding with Neptune’s journey through Pisces. I see Astrology as a language, enabling us to convey information. Other languages which can express the dynamic above are Mythology and Psychology. In mythology we have the image of the god Prometheus as the culture bringer, holding the vision of progress, breaking free form the known and striving for the highest potential. On the other hand we have Hades, the lord of the underworld who will annihilate all structures and laws that are not based on true integrity.

Now, when this conflict hits us in our personal lives it often feels like the end of the world. We may have to deal with profound losses, illness and depression while the world around us is falling apart. Even though this may be the hardest time we’ve ever had, we have got a choice. We can either participate in the change, accepting the loss and the pain, finding the courage to be with the unknown and allowing the possibility to see ourselves and the world with new eyes; or we can resist the change and hold on to our way of seeing the world. In that respect the '2012 and beyond' prophecies were not about the end of the world per se, but the end of the world as we know it.

I’ve found movement and dance to be the most helpful tools to carry me through these unsettling times. Our bodies are made out of the same elements as the rest of the universe: oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen etc. We follow the same cycle of birth, growth, degeneration and death as every other living thing on earth and in the universe. Every death is followed by a birth. Connecting with our bodies and following the impulse that comes from within will help us to recognise that we too are governed by these cycles. However terrifying or hopeless a situation may feel, it will shift because the universe never stops. I would encourage you to keep moving from within; it can just be a gentle rock, a stretch or a shake. A lot of people feel too inhibited to dance because they hold a certain concept of what dance ought to look like. I invite you to let go of that for a moment. Let your body move you, because it knows exactly what it needs to do ... see what happens.