20 200pixelsHave you ever just danced how you wanted to? Without worrying how it looks and what others think about you? It’s liberating, empowering and it makes you feel better!

I have a keen interest in how our stress patterns shape our bodies and biology. In my work as a Kinesiologist and Astrological Counsellor I witness how stressful events and thoughts are deeply anchored in people's bodies. Many of us have forgotten how to move and breathe freely. Dance is a wonderful way to reconnect with our life force and release what we no longer need. Sometimes an hour of dancing is all we need to release built up stress and tension. Plus we get the additional benefits of increased stamina, flexibility and the release of 'happy' making endorphins.

In my monthly dance class I invite you to give your mind a rest and enter the world of the body. When we do that our entire physiology changes. We enter a state of being, in which we are connected to the life energy, creativity and power available to all of us. In this ongoing class we practice focussing our awareness inside our body and from there let our dance emerge. The more we practice the more we shift into a different level of consciousness. Here our cells come into alignment and therefore healing. Our emotions and feelings will shift, as this is their natural way. Insights may come to us, as we are connected to the infinite intelligence or source energy animating all life. 

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I am a Movement Medicine apprentice fascilitator and teacher. To find out more about this amazing body of work please followin this link to their website:  School of Movement Medicine