Starting soon...


body talk - a montly dance class designed to deepen our movement practice and connect with the wisdom our bodies hold.

This class  is inspired by my Movement Medicine training, therapeutic work and my background as a Dance Teacher. Essentially, I will be offering a dance based journey, that's worked for me in terms of my own healing and integration.

We will be following the cycle of the year, inviting the support of the four elements to strengthen our relationship with those elements inside us - the very fabric we are made of.

This class is for you if you want to:

  • deepen your own dance practice 
  • listen and respond to the aches and pains of your physical and emotional body 
  • connect more deeply with all aspects of yourself
  • be witnessed to be showing up for yourself


If you have got any questions or would like to register your interest, please get in touch with me here.




What have the planets got to do with me? Just a few hundred years ago before mind and body got split in western culture we perceived the world as an interconnected organism.