Sun, 29th Oct

I will be offering an evening as part of 'Moving with the small group' sessions at Barefoot Dance Exeter.

Inspired by the trees at this time of year,  we will dance with the tree of life - our strong roots anchoring us deep into the earth, our fluid trunk as a bridge between earth and heaven, and our branches reaching up high into the celestial heavens. From this place we will surrender our leaves - what we are ready to let go of in our lives - to the earth, so they will turn into compost, supporting new life to grow.

For more information please see the barefoot dance website



What have the planets got to do with me? Just a few hundred years ago before mind and body got split in western culture we perceived the world as an interconnected organism.


Movement Medicine


Want to feel better? Try letting it move (no matter how small the movement). Everthing will shift if we allow it to move.