Find out who you really are 

- an experiential fragrance filled workshop, based on Psychological Astrology -

Did you know that you have a whole universe inside you? Your astrological chart is a map of this universe and tells  the story of your life. This workshop is dedicated to find out more about your story, by exploring the astrological stars and signs that describe your core essence.

Experience our star sign essence sprays as a way to connect you with your core. We'll be supporting you to get in touch with and follow your inner guidance, which will ultimately lead to a happy and fulfilled life.

This workshop is held by Xenia Berndt, D. Psych. Astrol. and Katherine Marsland, ITEC Aromatherapy, BA(Hons).



In the Workshop we will make the link between the basic concepts of Astrology (the four elements and our Sun and Moon sign) and our felt life experience. I will talk about this in psychological terms, meaning how we experience those archetypal forces in our day to day human life...there will be guided exercises and meditations, so you get direct feedback from your own body and psyche...and of course we will experience what effect the sprays have on us (which ones support us and which  give us a hint that something is not in balance in us).

There will be an opportunity to share some of your insights with the group. If you want to share or ask something privately, there will be the opportunity to have 5 minutes just with me. If more questions arise, I am happy to arrange a reading or consultation.

contact: Xenia on tel: 07748 614961 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


£25 (£10 non-refundable deposite)

£20 early bird booking

date and venue

for upcoming dates please contact Xenia


  • your date, place and time (if you can find out) of birth
  • money or a cheque, as the Astrology Essence Sprays will be available for purchase after the workshop

Place are limited. Please contact Xenia to book.




What have the planets got to do with me? Just a few hundred years ago before mind and body got split in western culture we perceived the world as an interconnected organism.